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Functional Medicine

Consultation & Care

At the Pediatrician

Overview of the Process

Step One

Phone Consultation- Free

Open Field

This is the very first step in becoming a patient at our office.  This gives our Functional Medicine Doctors a chance to discuss your case and see if your specific problems are a good match for functional medicine.  

If your case is accepted, then your first visit will be scheduled.  We will email you all of the Functional Medicine and Nutrition Forms that you should have completed and returned to our office no later than two days prior to your first appointment. 

Open Field

Step Two

Initial Consultation

This is the chance for you to tell your story and for us to review your case with you.  You should bring with you all your important health information.  This starts the process and will help in determining where your specific case is going to lead.  Please bring with you Labs, MRI, Xray, NCV, Functional Medicine Tests, and specialist reports if applicable.  We recommend bringing a loved one with you.  If you can get a hold of a few years of past data that would be the best.

After your phone consultation, you would have been emailed all of the relevant Functional Medicine Forms and Nutritional Assessments that you need to have completed at least 2 days prior to this visit.  Please also bring hard copy of these forms with you.  

It is so important to see your health trend, even though you may not have had symptoms. 

Step Three


Open Field

With years of experience, we have found it important to schedule the initial interview at a separate time as the examination.  Both of these appointments can be long and very tiring especially for our patients with autoimmune or neurological issues. Please wear comfortable clothes (shorts and a t-shirt).


 The second visit is a thorough examination and a portion may be covered by health insurance.  You are responsible for any copay's or deductibles.  Our office participates with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and UHC.  

Additional testing may be ordered if necessary.   Some of these will be labs that your insurance company may cover and some will be Functional Medicine labs.  The results of these tests may take 2-3 weeks to get back.  

Step Four

Functional Medicine Roadmap

Open Field

This is where we outline every step of your recovery plan.  All of your recovery plan will be gone over in detail:  diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements will be reviewed and all of your questions are answered.

We will also go over all of your lab findings in great depth and discuss all the abnormal findings with you in detail.  We try to find the Why's of your specific disease process.  

It is good to take notes during this visit, however, we have found that it may be best for you to just listen and ask questions.  Because it is so important that you understand the Roadmap, Dr. Ratcliffe will make sure you have your plan sent to you.

Please bring a loved one with you to this very important meeting.

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