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Our Functional Medicine Story

We believe that good Functional Medicine and Clinical Nutrition shouldn't just be for the wealthy, as such we don't practice in the same way as most of the areas other FM practitioners.  Many practices in our area have a "case fee" which is usually many thousands of dollars, however, we have two easy and affordable options.  The first is the pay as you go option.  You are responsible for the Initial FM appointment and insurance is not billed.  The price is very reasonable and affordable to most and is 350$.  The second examination visit is billed to your insurance if it is one that we participate with and you are responsible for your copay or deductible.  There is an additional Functional Medicine fee of 150$ overtop of the copay for this in office visit.  The Functional Medicine Roadmap is 350$ and not billable to insurance.  After the initial phase,  prices may vary depending on the amount of time spent and the complexity of the case.   We have a very affordable monthly Functional Medicine Wellness plan that provides for all of your follow up visits, emails, phone calls with our doctors.     Please note this doesn't include any outside lab testing, which in most cases is covered by health insurance.


Our team will inform you of the costs after your consultation so we can better estimated your investment

Our practice is eager to serve our community and do it with excellence.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.



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Unrivalled Functional Medicine at an Affordable price.

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